Cascade House.

November 20, 2009

This sustainable house can be found in the Forest Hill neighbourhood in Toronto. The tall windows in the house are designed to maximize its potential for natural light. In addition, an internal slate wall captures available solar energy to warm the house during evening hours. These two characteristics of the house work to create an environmentally responsible approach to light and heating. Pictures 1 and 2 show a 13 foot screen window facade that comprised of inexpensive 19mm thick stacked glass in a crenellated pattern. This creates privacy and a intriguing visual aspect when viewed from the street.


3 Responses to “Cascade House.”

  1. Agoes Says:

    I love the low profile window beside the bath tub, very minor but thoughtful nonetheless, makes for an awesome bubble bath session.

  2. nicholasdhaliwal Says:

    those low lying windows (eye level) are being used for everything in new modern homes: in the kitchen above the sink, dining room table level looking out, and living room window when sitting on the couch etc ..

  3. wheatpaste Says:


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