vader home.

November 14, 2009


The Vader house in Melbourne, Australia. This backyard house is disconnected from the main house. Instead of having a garage, owners created a creatively simple backyard home. The budget to create the home was $500,000 US, including a hot-tub in-between the two separate homes and furnishings. The triangular shape roof  hovering over the exterior backyard wall allows tons of light to shine into the very open Vader house.

3 Responses to “vader home.”

  1. Mr. Cheung Says:

    The backyard house is not enclosed? It doesn’t seem very environmentally friendly or make economic sense since it would require a lot of heat to keep the house warm. Or maybe I have it wrong??

  2. nicholasdhaliwal Says:

    It does close with folding glass doors. It’s environmentally friendly for two reasons: 1st, the backyard house is a environmentally friendly concept because you maximize your property space. 2nd, since the house is very open on the inside it allows the heat from sun to shine through the house to create warmth but, it also allows for tons of airflow because of the amount of windows and the folding glass doors. There is no question that the house will stay warm all the time and won’t cost much.

  3. Mr. Khalif Says:

    I very much enjoyed watching the many colorful pictures that were hung up along the staircase. They brought warmth to my heart and soul, such as a bowl of soup after a bout of flu.

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